The following are some examples of the hundreds of portrait busts and sculptures that Christian Corbet has created during his long and prolific career.

Visit again soon as we add more works of art as they arrive in.

Ancestral Portrait, Jean Thomas Corbet 1826-1926

Victor Hugo

HRH The Prince Philip, KG, KT (maquette) 2013.

HRH The Prince Philip, KG, KT.

Coll. The Royal Collection, Buckingham Palace, 2013.

King Robert The Bruce - A Forensic Facial Reconstruction.

Coll. Sterling Smith Art Gallery and Museum, 2015.

Judge Joseph Wearing (1879-1947)

Priv. Coll, 2015.

Aun Saan Suu Kyi.

Coll. Amnesty International, 2011.

Midshipman William Archibald Palmer.

Coll. Royal Canadian Navy, Naval Museum of Halifax, 2014.

Vice Admiral Ralph Hennessey

Coll. Royal Canadian Navy, Naval Museum of Halifax, 2014.

Col. George Stanley, Designer of the Canadian Flag.

Coll. Canadian Museum of History, 1999.

Dr. Charles Comfort, Artist and First Director of the National Gallery of Canada.

Coll. Tom Thomson Art Gallery, 2001.

Dr. Jane Goodall.

Coll. The Artist, 1999.

Doris McCarthy, Painter and Author - 100 Years.

Coll. The Artist, 2010.

Margaret Atwood Idea-Idea.

Coll. University of Western Ontario, 1998.

HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother - Celebrating 100 Glorious Years

Coll. British Museum, 2001.

Rt. Hon. Beverley McLachlin, Chief Justice of Canada.

Coll. Currently under negotiations.

Lt. Gov. The Hon J. A. McCurdy.

Coll. Government House, Nova Scotia, 2016.

Grand Dame of Musical Composition Jean Coulthard

Vancouver Academy of Music, BC, 1998.

Author Farley Mowat,

Coll. The Artist. 2013.

We Remember, black clay, 3".

We Remember, black clay, 9".


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